How to market your business in South Africa

market your business in South Africa

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How to market your business in South Africa

In order to market your business in South Africa, you need a game plan. One key component to any business, big or small, is customers. In order to get customers, you need to promote your brand. In the good old days, this was a matter of deciding between the local newspapers, radio stations, or printing and handing out flyers.

The world we live in today has made the above-mentioned strategies obsolete. You can now get triple the results with a simple ad campaign.

For most businesses, it’s a struggle to find the best ways to promote your product/service, or even just what your options are. Luckily, you are (a) not alone and (b) in the right place.

Let’s start with the basics.

There are a few things you cannot go without in today’s market.

  1. Company website
  2. Social media profiles
  3. Brand Identity

Without these components, you are already a step behind your competition. In order to market any of your products or services, you’ll have to get this sorted first.

Next, you can start looking at possible marketing avenues. Not all businesses get the same results from running ads. It’s crucial that you identify what works for your business. Luckily, you are most likely not the first of its kind.

What marketing avenues are your competitors using?

By now you should have seen the ways your competitors are marketing their products or services. If not, you can simply search for their product or service on Google, or have a look on their social media platforms. Most companies stick to the 3 big boys. Facebook, Google, and influencer marketing.

Only when you have money to waste do you run local television or radio advertisements since they don’t produce the same amount of quality clientele, but more brand awareness.

So let’s start with Google.

Making use of all Google has to offer

You might think google ads are the only thing that can add value to your business, however; there are many other ways to boost your online presence without spending money.

Google My Business

Your Google Business Profile allows your business to show up in Google Maps results, the search results section, and also—when someone types in your business name and location. This is a powerful tool for any business and should never be overlooked. To get started with this you can follow the link here.

market your business in South Africa

Google Sites

Not many people know this, but you can create a website for your business free with google sites. This might not be the best option for companies today, however it’s a good start if you don’t have one yet. We would still suggest getting a website created by an agency. This will allow you to get a domain name and email addresses for your business.

Google AdWords

With Google AdWords, you pay to have a Google ad for your business displayed to customers who search for relevant terms on Google Search. Google Ads is an essential marketing tool for any business looking to get quality leads or sales for your company.

This method is known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You set a monthly budget and google will spend that amount in the best possible way to get you the results you require.

One thing we always suggest to all our clients, is to use an AdWords Expert. You will have to pay a premium for their services, but doing it yourself will have you wasting money instead of generating sales. Marketing agencies have already made the mistakes you’d be making, and know what the best way to structure your ads and budgets are.

Facebook (Now known as Meta)

Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform in South Africa, with approximately 13 million South African users. That’s about a quarter of the population.

With that said, it’s clear why your business should represent itself on the platform. Not only is it free to use, but you can start building your client list and post regular updates and specials. This will not only allow you to be in direct contact with them, but keep them interested in your brand.

Creating your business profile can be done with your private profile. All you need to do is create a page – Follow this link.

Facebook Ads

The key difference between Facebook and Google ads is intent. People on Facebook are there to socialize with family or friends. With Google, they search exactly what they are looking for and see your business ad as a result.

This does not mean Facebook is less effective. Many of our clients see better results on Facebook than Google. This is all dependent on the type of business you have. Once again, a marketing agency can assist with making this choice. They already know what works, and what doesn’t.

Post regularly

Facebook users check their page more than 25 times per week, and they need to see that you are regularly posting new material. This is a free form of brand awareness and should be used as much as possible. We would suggest posting at least once per day.

Influencer marketing

From traditional posts to ever-popular Instagram Stories to long videos, influencers are always finding new ways to be sponsored on their favorite platforms. Influencer marketing is a way brands can promote their products or services through endorsements or recommendations from influencers. It’s become a very popular choice among all categories of businesses.

They typically have millions of followers. This is by far the most effective way to get your brand out there. Few marketing solutions give you the same amount of reach.

The more followers they have, the more you’d be paying to get the deal going. Keep in mind, you wouldn’t want to get a model to post about MCDonalds. Make sure you get the right person for the job.

Word of mouth

It’s been around longer than any other marketing tactic. Make sure you always give the best possible service to your clients. This is by far the most important thing you can do on a daily basis. If the customer is happy, they will recommend you to their friends. One client becomes two, and two becomes four. This is an absolute must for any business.

Make use of your friends and family

There will come a time in their life when they would need what your company offers. If you make sure they know about it, they can go straight to you. They will also promote your business with their friends and family. It’s a free and very effective way to generate business.

Address complaints

Make sure you always address any complaints head-on. Never leave any stone unturned. Bad reviews can cripple your brand, and no amount of marketing can fix that.

We wish you the best of luck with your marketing efforts.

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” – Henry Ford.

Market your business in South Africa

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